UKG Pro Timekeeping Salaried

Simplify and automate time and attendance tracking.

Manually tracking employee time and attendance makes it difficult for your organization to not only manage labor costs but also prevents insight into the well-being of your employees which can impact the employee experience. UKG Pro® Timekeeping Hourly (formerly UKG Dimensions® Timekeeping Hourly) provides the tools and insights needed to accurately track time and attendance helping you reduce payroll errors, minimize excessive labor costs, and gain insight into the work your employees spend time on.

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Simple, Yet Comprehensive

The simple and intuitive user experience that UKG Dimensions Timekeeping provides is a project-centric view of work so salaried workers can simply choose the project and enter the duration. There is no complex data to sort through — it can all be done in one or two taps.

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Engaging Employee Experience

Capturing nonwork time such as vacation and sick time is now a breeze. With Microsoft Outlook integration, both the system and the employee’s team are notified when they’re out of the office. Outlook integration allows the employee to block their calendars, set out-of-office messages, and more.


Mobile Experience

Professional workers can access the features of their desktop project timecards right on their mobile phones for an experience so easy they may forget they’re working on their timecards!

Key benefits

For Managers

  • Automatically apply for work and pay rules to reduce payroll inflation
  • Increase labor-costing accuracy, strengthen auditability, and reduce off-cycle paychecks
  • Centrally enforce regulatory guidelines such as FLSA, FMLA, and ACA Provide accessibility that meets WCAG 2.0 Level AA guidelines Automate and streamline time-consuming administrative tasks while improving productivity
  • Gain real-time visibility into workforce data for improved decision making

For Employees

  • Device-agnostic and built responsively so your people can access their projects anywhere on any device — mobile or tablet
  • Salaried-specific timecard allows employees to get in and out of the system quickly