Flexible scheduling solutions to support your people and their unique life-work experiences.

The first step in building a great culture and workplace that engages and retains productive employees is to understand what your people care about and help them when it matters most. UKG Dimensions™ scheduling solutions take the guesswork out of scheduling to support your people in a more impactful, actionable way and help them balance their life-work experiences.

UKG Dimensions puts people’s safety and well-being at the forefront when unforeseen or unexpected happens. From predictive scheduling and forecasting, backed by the power of AI, to fatigue management to remaining compliant through work time regulations and global rules that ensure your people feel safe and informed, UKG Dimensions helps all types of leaders communicate with their people, create optimized schedules, and ensure the right person is at the right place at the right time to get the work done.

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Real-time staffing visibility

UKG Dimensions provides staffing coverage visibility in real-time so you can flex and not overwork your people. Over- and understaffing can be analyzed quickly for smarter staffing adjustments in the moment.

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Convenient mobile access

The UKG Dimensions mobile-first, the responsive design lets your people perform all scheduling and staffing tasks on any mobile device. See scheduling and shift details in an instant right from your mobile device.


An optimized, accurate forecast

UKG Dimensions Forecasting enables organizations to leverage our advanced artificial intelligence engine to optimize the planning and scheduling of labor resources and generate an accurate forecast

Key benefits

For scheduling managers and operations

  • Align your people to customer demand to ensure the right people are always on the job
  • Improve volume forecasting by analyzing special events, pooling organizational data, and learning over time
  • Ensure your people get enough rest between and during shifts so they don’t burn out
  • Schedule effective teams with a mix of employee skills and experience
  • Align schedules to fluctuating business demand, minimize wasteful overstaffing, and avoid unplanned overtime costs
  • Project actual hours worked in real-time and make proactive schedule adjustments using alerts
  • Provide your people with convenient self-service capabilities from any device or location Enable employees to identify shift references and availability — or easily swap shifts
  • Avoid employee burnout and ensure you have the right number of employees in the right job roles at the right time to cover the anticipated workload