Benefits Administration

Provide a modern and intuitive benefits experience for all employees.

Benefits selections can be a big expense for most families, yet many people know very little about the plans offered through their organization. UKG Pro™ Benefits Administration (formerly UltiPro® Benefits Prime) offers a modern and intuitive experience for your entire workforce, making it easier than ever to view benefits options, compare plans, and have a better understanding of available choices.

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Robust Administrator Tools

Organizations can configure the solution to support diverse programs, automate processes, and engage employees. Advanced configuration capabilities enable flexible plan design and benefits calculations. In addition, communicating with employees throughout the enrollment process is simple and effective.


Intuitive Enrollment Process

Pro Benefits Administration enables employees to view and select benefits options via an intuitive shopping experience. They can set filtering preferences, compare plans side by side, edit beneficiary and dependent information, and get a holistic view of their options.

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Decision-Support Tools

Give your people the information they need to make smarter benefits choices, with convenient decision-support tools. Pro Benefits Administration offers educational videos and a document library with information on benefits options, and can also provide personalized plan recommendations aligned with individual preferences.

Key benefits

For HR Professionals

  • Configure Pro with advanced rules and calculations to meet your organization’s unique needs.
  • Leverage a personalized dashboard with robust reporting capabilities.
  • Save time with automated processes and billing reconciliation tools.
  • Increase engagement and remain informed about enrollment progress, with custom communication tools.
  • Ensure compliance with the latest regulatory requirements and keep an accurate record of all transactions.

For Employees

  • Easily review and update dependent information and beneficiaries.
  • View past benefits coverage. Effortlessly filter and compare plans side by side.
  • Receive benefits communications and enrollment reminders when action is needed.
  • Review plan recommendations based on filters, preferences, usage, and cost estimates.
  • Clearly understand costs and plan attributes in a modern, benefits shopping experience—receive a summary of enrollment with a confirmation statement.