UKG Pro Workforce Management Analytics

Empowering managers with actionable insights

UKG Pro Workforce Management™ Analytics (formerly UKG Dimensions® Analytics) delivers insights instantly to your frontline and operational people managers so they can confidently make impactful labor decisions backed by data. Easily identify, manage, and optimize opportunities for labor cost savings and productivity, with KPIs, metrics, and thresholds that help your teams stay on track with your business goals in real time.

Executive Business Review

Personalized business indicators

KPIs, metrics, and thresholds help your people managers align to business goals in real-time so they can make impactful labor decisions confidently, minimizing labor costs and maximizing productivity.

Designed for Your Industry

Instant insight

With Analytics, you can truly manage at the moment thanks to real-time data. Simple, easy-to-read visualizations help people managers understand what actions they need to take to course-correct and avert potential issues before they happen — all at a glance.

Number 1

One platform, one experience

All of the precalculated data is delivered right in Dimensions, bringing a user-friendly and consistent data delivery experience for your frontline and operational people managers.

Key benefits

  • For frontline and operational managers
  • Align toward business labor budgets and goals easily with KPIs, metrics, and thresholds
  • Get instant, anytime access to the insights and tools needed to proactively manage your people
  • Access labor performance insights on demand to keep results in line with expectations
  • Get visibility into troubling trends while there’s still time to take corrective action
  • Identify root causes of performance, productivity, and behavior issues
  • Continuously improve results by managing to organization-specific or best practice KPIs