UKG Pro Absence

Proactively Balance the Needs of Your People and Prganization in a Fair Manner

Employee absence is often unpredictable, but UKG Pro® Absence (formerly UKG Dimensions® Absence) can give you the insight you need to lower costs, maintain productivity, and avoid the risk of noncompliance with labor laws and regulations. Undeniably, the costs of employee absence are both real and measurable at your organization. But there is good news — the cost of absenteeism and its effects on productivity can be controlled with UKG Pro Absence.

3rd Party Logistics

Proactive Indicators

Improve productivity and prevent burnout by standardizing the administration and enforcement of leave policies.


Recognize & Incentivize

Auto trigger rewards or corrective actions to ensure attendance management is reasonable and applied fairly across the organization.


Visible Insights

Accurately measure the cost of absenteeism and understand key drivers through reporting capabilities, provides complete visibility into attendance and leave data

Key benefits

For Managers

  • Instant, anytime access to the insight and tools needed to proactively manage your people.
  • Out-of-the-box reports give managers complete visibility into attendance and leave data Track time and manage policies from a single automated platform to stay prepared for audits
  • Automatic recommendations help managers determine which time-off requests to approve

For Employees

  • Request leave and open leave cases on their own
  • Edit signed-off periods up to 72 hours after sign-off
  • Open or edit leave cases on a mobile device
  • Make leave edits and add leave time through the schedule