Accruals Manager

Manage time off efficiently and flexibly for improved accuracy and consistency.

UKG ReadyTM Accruals Manager (formerly Kronos Workforce Ready® Accruals) is a powerful solution that automatically calculates and tracks accrued paid time off (PTO) based on your organization’s specific rules, policies, and regulations — so you can eliminate manual errors, support fair and consistent policy enforcement, and give employees and managers instant visibility to simplify time-off requests and approvals.


Streamlined processes

Speed up and simplify time-off requests and approvals with automated workflows and notifications while maintaining automatic enforcement of policies and regulations to minimize your compliance risk and drive fair, consistent treatment of employees across your organization.

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Flexible configuration

Calculate and track accruals based on your organization’s specific policies and criteria such as hours worked, seniority, pay grade, attendance, performance, and/or wellness points. Add carry-over settings to specify whether an employee can carry forward accrued time, how much, and for how long.


Increased transparency

Provide employees and managers with access to accrual balances at any time and from any device. Leverage comprehensive reporting and analytics to gain visibility into time earned, taken, scheduled, and remaining for your employees for their applicable PTO categories.