UKG Pro Timekeeping Hourly

Simplify and automate time and attendance tracking.

Manually tracking employee time and attendance makes it difficult for your organization to manage labor costs but also prevents insight into the well-being of your employees impacting the overall employee experience. UKG Pro® Timekeeping Hourly (formerly UKG Dimensions® Timekeeping Hourly) provides the tools and insights needed to accurately track time and attendance helping you reduce payroll errors, minimize excessive labor costs, and gain insight into the work your employees spend time on.

Dollar Down

Control Labor Costs

Increase labor-costing accuracy, strengthen auditability, and reduce off-cycle paychecks with the ability to easily view timecards and see exceptions such as missing, early-in, and late-out punches.


Engage Your Employees

Built to be responsive and device-agnostic, and optimized to deliver features across mobile and tablet devices for use anywhere.


Be Compliant

Benefit from automatic updates to regulatory guidelines such as FLSA, FMLA, and ACA, making compliance easier.

Key features

For managers

  • Pay policy items (pay codes, work rules, wage profiles)
  • Time & attendance reports
  • Group edits
  • Timecard actions (approval, signoff, edit, transfers, etc.)
  • Time & attendance Audits
  • Overtime alerts (rejected, projected, approaching)
  • Alerts for projected shift differentials
  • Setup options
  • Move Amounts enables managers to easily override pay code totals to move from one totals bucket to another for accurate reporting

For employees

  • Ability to make time-off and other scheduling requests directly from the calendar
  • Separate hourly and salaried timecards
  • Personalized time-entry records for recording time against projects
  • Full mobile timecard functionality
  • Attestation allows organizations to implement a meal break lockout