InTouch DX

TouchFree ID

At UKG, we don’t just say that our purpose is people™. We actually build our technology around them. That’s why we took our UKG InTouch DX™ timeclock to the next level by adding even more modern, people-focused features that fit the way you work today. UKG TouchFree ID™ face biometrics is now available as an option integrated with the InTouch DX timeclock.

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Once UKG TouchFree ID meets you, there’s no need to reintroduce yourself — the system never forgets a face.



You can count on UKG TouchFree ID to recognize everyone in your workforce — no matter your industry or the person’s height, environment, facial hair, or headwear.

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Supports completely touchless in/out punching — just stroll up, glance over, and go about your day.

Key benefits

For managers

Automatically generate best-fit schedules based on a set of predefined criteria

  • Make changes on the fly to meet scheduling needs at the moment
  • Adhere to scheduling rules and policies that will help avoid grievances, litigation, fatigue, and fines
  • Gain real-time visibility into accurate employee data, payroll costs, and staffing demand
  • Get visibility into employee skills, certifications, and experience in order to make the best staffing decisions
  • Manage schedules anytime, anywhere, on any device

For employees

  • Easily access daily, weekly, and monthly views of your schedule from any device your scheduling preferences so managers can take them into account when building schedules
  • Manage availability in real-time to give coworkers and managers the insight they need to stay informed
  • Balance life and work by syncing your personal and professional schedule in one place
  • Stay up-to-date on the latest scheduling changes, open shifts, and swap requests


  • Supports completely touchless in/out punching, either when used in conjunction with an RFID badge or when configured to operate in “always-on mode”
  • Uses the latest in biometric technology, which will not authenticate a printed photo or an image or video on a smartphone or a tablet
  • Dual visible and infrared cameras operate in all indoor lighting, from very dark to brightly lit environments
  • Eliminates issues encountered with finger-scan biometrics, including worn fingertips and cold/dry/wet fingers, or motor control issues with positioning a finger on the scanner
  • Supports two-factor authentication, where employees use a badge or type in a badge ID and then validate their identity with a face scan
  • Avoids the need for employees to touch a shared surface to punch in or out
  • Eliminates the need for employees to type in an ID or use a badge and it can authenticate with just a quick face scan