UKG Pro Leave

Put Your People at Ease with Powerful and Accurate Leave Tracking.

Managing people’s time fairly and accurately while balancing the needs of your business is a challenge all organizations face. UKG Pro® Leave (formerly UKG Dimensions® Leave) takes the guesswork out of determining eligibility and entitlement while simultaneously tracking paid and unpaid leave benefits, such as Family Medical Leave Act, short- and long-term disability, workers’ compensation, military leave, and labor agreements. Learn more about how UKG Pro Leave allows you to gain clear insight into leave cases so that you can give your people the time they need to take care of what really matters.

report writing

Simplified Automation

Minimize compliance risk by automatically enforcing organizational, federal, state, and local leave policies.

global communication

On-Demand Reporting

Generate reports that you can use to analyze employee leave abuse patterns and absence trends, and optimize scheduling.


Seamless Eligibility Checking

Report on eligibility by tracking hours worked and a number of active days to qualify for government leave rules.

Key benefits

For HR professionals

  • Improve efficiency by eliminating manual tasks and streamlining leave requests and approvals
  • Ensure fairness by accurately calculating and tracking leave eligibility, type, and duration
  • Increase transparency with instant visibility into each employee’s current leave status, eligibility, and balances
  • Reduce the cost of unauthorized absences through flexible rules and automated notifications
  • Improve compliance by ensuring that leave policies are enforced consistently
  • Update schedule and timecards with the appropriate codes in just one step

For Employees

  • Request a leave case and monitor leave case requests and takings.
  • Make a request leave from any device anywhere, anytime
  • Can monitor their cases
  • Have awareness of time taken and time remaining