Make the right compensation decisions that effectively attract, incent and reward your people.

It’s important to understand how the compensations you make can impact, and determine, how people work and help drive towards your overall business objectives. UKG Pro™ Compensation delivers an intuitive experience paired with relevant business and talent data—so you can thoughtfully navigate and allocate rewards, while keeping the focus on your people.


Configurable Salary Plans

Configure Pro to meet the compensation needs of your organization, such as including performance reviews, defining rating scales, and more.

Analytics 2

Visibility and Insight

Ensure employees and managers understand compensation plans and have visibility into the factors that drive them.


Meaningful Incentives

Easily create compensation plans, thoughtfully reward employees, and strengthen the alignment between individual contributions and business performance.

Key benefits

For HR and Managers

  • Make informed, meaningful, and equitable compensation decisions based on talent insight and using analysis tools.
  • Take advantage of Pro with quick, easy access to comprehensive information, via an individual’s Compensation Card—including employee salary, employment, and review history.
  • Provide simple and efficient processes for managers, requiring minimum intervention from HR teams.
  • Align compensation with organizational objectives.
  • Apply business rules consistently during the salary-planning process.
  • Automate the salary-planning process and eliminate manual work—e.g., Use performance ratings and payout bonuses through payroll.
  • Have insight into budget and planning status throughout the comp cycle.
  • Access worksheets in progress to efficiently manage processes.