Data Collection

From Time Clocks to Automated Timekeeping Systems Interboro offers multiple alternatives to collect employee’s time and attendance data on a regular basis.

Apart from that, Interboro Systems Corporation also offers unique tools that promote self-service across the organization, which in turn increases motivation and reduces operational costs. Our solutions are designed to engage and to reach all types of employees, exempt and non-exempt as well as the mobile workforce.

A time and attendance system is only as strong as the data you feed it with. Choose a data capture option that’s reliable and headache-free — whether it’s a fixed-mount time clock, a mobile app, a telephony system, or a browser-based solution. And put clean and accurate data into your time management solution.


Time clocks and handwritten timecards have had their day. Technology has led us to better, smarter, easier ways to record employee time transactions. Kronos has taken those paper timecards and old time clocks and transformed them into completely automated timekeeping systems. Our powerful time-tracking software, working in tandem with our data collection devices helps your organization:

  • CONTROL LABOR COSTS by minimizing data entry errors and enforcing pay and attendance policies at the time of the punch
  • MINIMIZE COMPLIANCE RISK by not allowing employees to work outside of their scheduled hours
  • IMPROVE WORKFORCE PRODUCTIVITY by giving employees self-service access to information like scheduled hours and time-off balances — freeing managers to work on higher-level activities.


Over the last 10 years, the world of workforce management has fundamentally changed. It’s moved from single-point solutions to integrated workforce management suites that can be deployed on site or in the cloud. At the same time, our everyday technology continues to evolve. We now have access to more functionality, more speed, more simplicity. And more, in this case, is a good thing.

During this time however, time clocks have remained virtually unchanged. But their time has now come. Introducing the Kronos InTouch. Its unrivaled user experience is about to reshape the way organizations think about — and employees interact with — their workforce management system.


Designed with you in mind. The Kronos InTouch® is so unique it can be many things at once. It’s durable. It’s reliable. It’s easily customizable. It’s also simple, yet intuitive. And with its straightforward user interface, it provides a fast, self-service view into any employee’s work-related information. It all translates to faster employee deployment, less wasted time, and increased and improved productivity.


Cloud-based applications demand secure devices that can be accessed at any time, from anywhere. The Kronos InTouch® can meet those demands. And one of the most powerful and unique capabilities of InTouch is its ability to be monitored and controlled from a remote location. Combined with VoIP phone support, it delivers an unprecedented level of help to frontline managers and employees alike.


We now live in a world where apps have become almost as common as the devices we download them onto. Why should your time clock be any different? We all know that when it comes to workforce productivity, idle time is wasted time. With our open and secure InTouch App platform, the InTouch is always on the clock. Open a maintenance ticket. Execute a survey. Check on sales or census data. Even deliver a video message.


The power to access your Workforce Central system. When you want. Where you want. Experience the freedom of working with total mobility. Workforce Mobile puts your most critical workforce information, plus full visibility and seamless communication, at your fingertips when you’re on the go. And with full iPhone® or Android™ compatibility, Workforce Mobile runs on the same sleek platform and has the same familiar interface that you enjoy on your smartphone. Fundamentally change the way your workforce interacts and connects with your organization by leveraging the simplicity of mobile functionality.

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• Approve timecards

• Request time off

• View schedules

• View pay stubs

• See and edit hours worked

• Edit personal information

• Check shift availability

• Swap shifts

• Sign up for open shifts

• Register for training


• Approve timecards

• View accruals

• Edit pay codes

• Send employees messages


Giving Employees Self-service Access to Time and Attendance Information.

Improve workforce productivity with the Workforce Employee™ application by giving employees self-service access to the information they need — like scheduled hours and time-off balances — and freeing your managers to work on higher-level, more strategic activities. The solution’s intuitive interface makes it easy for employees to enter their time and attendance details and access a variety of job-related information. Managers don’t get bogged down in administrative tasks, and they benefit from having an engaged, productive workforce.

If you are at home, at work or in the field, Workforce Employee allows you to register your time records with in and out punches through your PC or notebook via the web.  If you need to record time periods in a timesheet, you can use this tool to register hours by project or customer.  In addition, it also offers self-service functionality, so that employees can verify their accruals and timesheets. Employees can also request time-off through this tool as well as receive its approvals or denials from their supervisor.


With Workforce Employee, managers and employees have an easy way to get information on workforce questions that come up every day. Using any computer with an Internet connection, employees can perform tasks like double-checking schedules and time-off balances, signing up for open shifts, and requesting vacation. Workforce Employee delivers real-time answers that save time for employees and managers, leading to improved workforce satisfaction. Workforce Employee streamlines the often time-consuming interactions between managers and employees, reducing administrative burdens and empowering managers to achieve overall business goals by improving workforce performance.

Workforce Employee Datasheet


Workforce TeleTime IP™ is a quick, easy method of gathering and recording time and attendance information for organizations with employees who telecommute, work in multiple facilities, travel frequently, or lack access to a mobile phone or a networked data collection device such as the Kronos InTouch. Workforce TeleTime IP uses the convenience and universal accessibility of the telephone to give you a reliable data capture option for offsite or decentralized work environments.


  • SPECIFIED ACCESS helps prevent fraudulent punches by controlling which phones employees can call in from
  • PIN-BASED SECURITY eliminates the need for badges
  • MULTILINGUAL CAPABILITIES reach out to a diverse workforce
  • CUSTOMIZED CALL MENUS provide high-performance access to employees even at peak usage times
  • SELF-SERVICE OPTIONS allow employees to check balances and schedules without using a manager or HR


  • QUICK, AND EASY CAPTURE OF TIME and attendance data for your remote and distributed workforce
  • AUTOMATIC NUMBER IDENTIFICATION SECURITY to prevent fraud, which can lead to payroll inflation
  • INTEGRATED with workforce management solution for reliable and accurate real-time data
  • DETAILED CALL REPORTING , efficient line usage, optimized call volume — features designed to work with any phone system — make Workforce TeleTime IP easy to own
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