UKG Workforce Tablet

Manage in the moment. Anytime. Anywhere.

Total portability, total visibility: Manage your workforce in the moment. The need to control costs and keep productivity on track doesn’t stop when you’re out of the office or away from the shop floor. Now, on-demand visibility makes managing labor and productivity while you’re on the go easier than ever.


Tablet devices provide the portability, large screen display, and the power mobile managers need to access their Workforce Central® system on the go — on the shop floor, in the back office, or traveling from store to store.

The intuitive user interface and vibrant graphics display capabilities of tablets make using Workforce Tablet™ a breeze. No down time for training. Only gains in productivity and efficiency.

Managers can quickly and easily access schedules, timecards, and other daily management tasks. With tablet multi-touch capabilities you can make real-time adjustments that sync to all backend workforce management information with a simple tap, pinch, or swipe.

Get all the power of Kronos on your iPad with Workforce Tablet.


Whether you’re across a large facility, moving from site to site, or simply working away from the back office, Workforce Tablet™ provides the convenience of mobility and access to your Workforce Central® system — allowing managers to be more productive while on the go.

Whether you’re reviewing schedules, dashboards, schedules, current staffing levels, or exceptions and requests, the large tablet screen allows managers to see more and do more.

Get instant visibility and updates on current staffing and scheduling, with real-time views of who’s in, who’s out, who’s scheduled, and who’s available.

Built-in GeoSensing technology automatically detects your location and instantly sets the context for My Genies®, timecard approvals, timecard exceptions, and schedules to reflect local data.

Make fast decisions in the moment to maintain productivity, quality, and service levels with UKG Workforce Tablet.


There’s no better way to help your managers control costs than to arm them with the tools to manage in the moment.

Make fast, informed decisions where the action happens with UKG Workforce Tablet™ — when you’re on location in the midst of your operations.

With the power of your UKG Workforce Central® system on your mobile tablet device, managers aren’t forced to toggle between the real-world activities on the front line and the isolation of the back office.

Bring the data and the system controls with you to make adjustments to schedules on the fly, adjust staffing instantly to cover visibly busy departments, or check to see if other departments are overstaffed.

Manage in the moment and do it all with UKG Workforce Tablet.

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