UKG Workforce Payroll

Add control and flexibility back into your payroll process. Achieve accuracy and consistency to minimize risk across all systems. With UKG Workforce Payroll, you can put an end to service bureau fees, and get payroll right the first time. Your payroll. It’s simple, really. Get it right and get the checks out on time.


1. CONTROL LABOR COSTS. Multiple systems and manual data entry can spell disaster for timely,accurate payroll. And if you think service bureaus are the answer, think again. When your payroll process is dictated by a vendor, you can’t pre-audit the results easily, and mistakes will inevitably get through. And when you catch mistakes after the fact, fees pile up fast. You need complete control over your payroll, so you can get it done right, and find ways to control labor costs.

2. MINIMIZE COMPLIANCE RISKS. If you can’t maintain compliance with FLSA requirements, union regulations, and pay rules, an audit could be in your future. Not to mention time-consuming, costly, morale-busting employee grievances, complaints, and litigation. And ignorance is no excuse. You need to be able to effectively manage your payroll policies. So you can manage the impact compliance risks can have on your bottom line.

3. IMPROVE WORKFORCE PRODUCTIVITY. Your staff has better things to do than update employee details individually and in multiple systems, look up accruals information, and reprint old paystubs to answer questions. You need to be able to automate and streamline your payroll processes. So you can improve workforce productivity.


UKG Workforce HR makes it easier to streamline human resources tasks such as benefits administration, compensation and performance management, training tracking, and more, while it creates a positive working environment for your employees:


Save time and money when you bring your payroll back home. An in-house system makes it easier to automate common payroll tasks and manage complex payroll calculations.


Rules, policies, and regulations are applied consistently across the board, simplifying complex processes and helping you manage compliance with FMLA and FLSA. Best of all, you’re backed up by a complete audit trail.


Employee and manager self-service, integrated into the UKG HR and payroll software solution, provides seamless access to both benefits and pay information. It’s a great way to connect employees to managers — and connect managers to employees. Let your employees see pay stubs and earning histories, make changes to direct deposit and W-4 forms, print W-2s, and even check out how changes to their deductions will affect their paychecks.

Our solutions are designed to improve the performance of our clients’ workforce through accountability and focus. let’s start a conversation.