UKG Workforce Activities

Full workforce visibility empowers you to react in real-time

Guess-work doesn’t get you very far when you need accurate, real-time workforce information. Information that helps you staff effectively and control labor costs. With UKG Workforce Activities data analysis tools and dashboards, you have real-time visibility into every project, shift, or work event within the workday, eliminating uncertainty. Plus, with Grant and Project Tracking, measure how your workforce stacks up against key metrics such as budget, planned hours, and results.

Identify and deploy your most productive employees

Make objective, data-based assessments of employee productivity and put your top performers in place to make the biggest impact. And full visibility means performance standards can be improved across the board by identifying strong performers and weak performers, and recalibrating standards accordingly.

Collect and analyze the data you need for workforce success.

Your workforce is one of your biggest costs – but how much, exactly, should it cost your organization? Remove the guesswork from your labor costs. Start making data-driven decisions today with UKG Workforce Activities. The solution provides:

Track your entire workforce with one application.

No matter what business you’re in, your workforce is one of your biggest expenses. But how much should it actually cost? And how can you tell without real-time visibility into productivity? How can you measure and maintain efficiency and appropriate staffing without in-depth metrics?

Automated staff tracking streamlines data and information into one portal

UKG Workforce Activities™ puts the data you want at your fingertips. Data to build better schedules and meet budget goals. Data to maximize grant fund usage and minimize compliance risks. Data that simply isn’t available through error-prone manual processes. And it’s all in one portal, giving you easy access to the workforce information you need to keep your staff efficient and productive, and keep labor costs in check.

Account Staffing

On-the-spot insight into a project’s status helps you avoid over-staffing and control staffing costs


Fully automated staff tracking streamlines the data and information you need into one portal.


Putting the right people with the right skills in the right place boosts productivity.


Comprehensive, step-by-step reporting helps track labor activities and production.

Our solutions are designed to improve the performance of our clients’ workforce through accountability and focus. Let’s start a conversation.