Labor Analytics

Leverage multiple levels of insights and analytics to build your workforce strategy as your needs grow.

UKG Ready provides a deep and diverse set of people analytics options across a single HCM software solution. Gather the workforce insights and data you need — from any level of your Workforce Ready solution — and leverage that data to make more -informed decisions. From the day-to-day tactical information about your workforce, to the deep-dive data that impacts your workforce strategy, our people analytics options provide the right level of analytics capabilities you need — even as your needs continue to grow.

Gather and visualize data.

Gain quick access to baseline workforce data and construct intuitive visuals that reveal high-impact details about your workforce. Real-time information and analytics means you can gather, process, and share critical details to make changes in the moment for fast, visible results.

Predict workforce trends

Turn insights into action with targeted data from your Employee Perspectives tool, powered by the advanced artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities of AIMEE™. Combined with the power of your Succession Planning tool and UKG Ready Scheduler module, you’ll have the insights you need to leverage your data to engage employees — for results that make an immediate impact on your business.

Plan growth based on strategic insights

Leverage all levels of your people analytics as part of your overall workforce strategy. An analytics services engagement gives you access to a dedicated team ready to help you gather, connect, interpret, and transform all the layers of your workforce data into curated, intuitive views that drive business outcomes.

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