Cloud Services

Gain peace of mind knowing that our experienced technical consultants are managing your system.

Let Interboro Systems Corporation’s Cloud Services proactively manage your Kronos application so your IT department doesn’t have to.

The size of your organization, the complexity of your needs, the availability of your IT support staff, or the number of license agreements you hold aren’t an issue when you have Interboro Systems Corporation Cloud Services on duty. We’ll work diligently to understand your business and proactively meet your needs.


Interboro Systems Corporation provides installation of Kronos application updates, service packs, new software versions, and legislative updates (if applicable) and allows you to take advantage of the latest software features and enhancements while minimizing your risk of noncompliance.


Interboro Systems Corporation will make, test, document, and implement a predefined number of changes toyour existing configurations, including interfaces, Workforce Genies, HyperFinds, and labor levels on a quarterly basis. The number of configuration changes included can scale over time to accommodate increases in employee population or configuration complexity.


With this offering, Interboro Systems Corporation installs database-level patches and service packs and performs regular system health checks with tuning recommendations that can proactively identify potential issues before they affect system users.


With our Software as a Service (SaaS), Interboro Systems Corporation hosts and manages your solution in the cloud, where users can access the application(s) over the Web at any time, from anywhere. It’s the ideal choice for organizations seeking to achieve their workforce management goals without exceeding their capital equipment budgets or placing additional demands on their in-house IT staff.



Interboro Systems Corporation’s Application Monitoring services provide continuous monitoring of your system, making sure that common errors like actual license usage and data import/export failures are caught before they impact your users. Automated reports and alerts pinpoint problems — right down to the employee level — eliminating the time your valuable IT resources spend troubleshooting common issues. You can even receive reports and proactive text alerts via email and selected mobile devices to stay on top of issues as they occur or even before. We can also design, test, and deploy custom- built monitors in your application environment to alert you to error conditions in your system and workflows, providing the critical information you need to resolve the issue quickly and easily. With Application Monitoring, you stay one step ahead of problems so your solution continues to deliver value — day in and day out.

Flexible choices, predictable costs.

Our flexible Cloud Services offerings enable you to:

  • Achieve higher performance and system availability so you can unlock the value of your workforce management solution while focusing on your core business.
  • Take the pressure off your IT team by leveraging the expertise of Kronos technical professionals.
  • Control your costs with predictable monthly expenses.
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