Say goodbye to the guessing game. And hello to accurate scheduling.

Interboro Systems Corporation offer the scheduling solutions to fit your specific needs.

Trying to guess the correct number of employees needed to cover a shift or the best worker to fill an open one, is fill with complications. Let Kronos labor forecasting and scheduling solutions, like Workforce Scheduler, help you do away with the guesswork, eliminate manual scheduling and ensure optimal labor coverage for every shift, every day. A crystal ball is not the right tool for scheduling a large, complex workforce. Instead, go for the employee scheduling solutions from Kronos and put the right person, in the right place, at the right time. Every time.

Workforce Scheduler

Employee Scheduling Software Saves Time And Money And Gets People Working

Key Benefits

> MINIMIZE understaffing and overstaffing

> BALANCE COVERAGE based on skills and proficiency levels

> REDUCE RELIANCE unplanned overtime and supplemental labor

> FILL OPEN SHIFTS AUTOMATICALLY by sending text messages to qualified candidates

> INCREASE EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT and reduce unplanned absences

> MANAGE FATIGUE to minimize safety threats and boost productivity

Scheduling for healthcare and retail

Created a schedule with too many employees when there’s not enough demand? It’ll cost you. Someone called in sick and you need to call in a high-paid replacement? That’s definitely going to cost you. Understaffed and need to fill slots? Be sure to pick the person with the right seniority or certifications or else…you guessed it, it’s going to cost you.

Scheduling a multifaceted workforce can be time-consuming, error-prone, and just plain frustrating. And even with the best efforts, mistakes are still made which lower productivity, increase costs, and put you at risk of litigation and fines.

Workforce Scheduler is an automated labor scheduling solution that lets managers accurately create schedules that align labor with anticipated demand while adhering to all company and regulatory scheduling policies consistently. But there’s no such thing as a static schedule. So when an employee unexpectedly calls in sick, you can use Workforce Scheduler’s mobile technology to quickly identify qualified substitutes, automatically notify them, and select one to fill the shift.

Three reasons you need Workforce Scheduler


With our powerful forecasting and scheduling engine, you can automatically adjust your labor to match demand based on historical trends, patterns, and seasonality. Create “best fit” schedules that match labor to that demand. Increase employee engagement and retention through flexible scheduling and intuitive self-service. And do it all in minutes, not hours. Which means less time managing schedules — and more time managing your business.


Overstaffed? Employees are standing around on your dime. Understaffed? You’re losing sales, customers, and production volume. And you may be paying costly overtime and supplemental labor as well. The right staffing? It’s yours with Kronos.


Kronos applies your scheduling policies with consistent, companywide enforcement and a comprehensive audit trail of all scheduling decisions. You’ll avoid scheduling errors, employee grievances, and labor law violations. And boost morale among your employees, who know they’re getting a fair shake.

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